Lesbian Psycho

In the true tradition of slasher films like Friday the 13th and Halloween, Lesbian Psycho combines fever-pitch sexual tension and crossbow-wielding lesbian hi-jinks to winning effect.For her birthday, Susan takes a bevy of ex-girlfriends on a camping trip with a difference. As the women bed down for the night, Sapphic frissons reverberate through the tents, while news breaks that there is a serial killer on the loose! One by one, the lesbians are picked off by an unseen assailant. At first, they start to suspect a supposed jealous ex-boyfriend who is roaming about the park, but when his body is found burnt to a crisp, the lesbians begin to suspect each other. But is the true identity of the killer such a mystery after all?"If anyone can think of a better set-up for a horror film than lesbian ex-lovers camping in Texas, I'll pay to hear it" - Fab Magazine

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