Girl on Girl

Girl on Girl is a documentary portrait of six women struggling with feminine lesbian invisibility— the phenomena in which, indistinguishable from straight women, feminine lesbians are rendered invisible to the world and each other.

Plagued by interrogation, their day-to-day is colored by society’s insistence that feminine
lesbians are ‘not real lesbians.’ Even in LGBTQ spaces, the phrases, “Are you sure?”
“You haven’t met the right man,” “What a waste!” & “You’re too pretty to be gay,” are

Lauren, an ex-reality star (The Real L Word, Season 3)
Karen, an aspiring designer and formerly homeless LGBTQ teen
Kris, the feminist activist turned spiritual leader
Ashleigh & Destini. & toddler, Saibra. a family hoping to get pregnant again
Lyndi, an Air Force veteran

Over three years, we follow these women through interviews and home movie footage.
From family tension and feminist politics, to homelessness, motherhood, racism and
aging, Girl on Girl is a dynamic patchwork of stories that unifies the plight of all women
to be taken seriously in their sexuality and femininity.

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