The Circus Dynasty

The real drama is outside the ring

Circus Arena's young crown prince, Patrick Berdino, has become the partner of the beautiful circus performer Merrylu Casselly. Ever since they were little, it has been their parents' dream that they would get together and continue Scandinavia's largest circus dynasty in friendship and familial union. The conscientious, hardworking and infatuated couple takes the world by storm, and nothing seems to be able to stop the young, popular stars. But the dream is being threatened. For it is hard to live up to the expectations of the circus world when you have only just turned 20. And who knows if the young couple's love and the families' close ties can withstand the pressure of new times in a world dominated by old traditions. The film is a fascinating love story that unfolds in a time warp with its own norms and rules, garnished with sequins, glamour and glitter. A drama about how love does not necessarily follow logical paths. A story about heritage and environment, and about the choices we make in our lives. Choices, that are not always our own, but influenced by the expectations and pressures of our surroundings. Like an inverted Romeo & Juliet story, just turned upside down - and with magnificent and spectacular circus acts with full musical accompaniment. For as they say in the circus world: the show must go on!

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