The Problem is my wife, Das Problem ist meine Frau by Calle Overweg

Work with perpetrators in practice. A documental enactment

Calle Overweg shows us, under laboratory conditions and employing genuine violence counsellors and (genuine) actors, men who are in the throes of an attempt to break free from the spiral of violence.

The case histories portrayed in this film are freely devised as the result
of lengthy research. Specialists in the field of domestic violence have gone
to great lengths to ensure that the men depicted in every way resemble those
in genuine cases. Any similarities to real persons are intentional..

What is surprising about the film's method is the authenticity with which the actors approach this subject through improvisation. The own personal relationship experience seems to be more than enough to slip into the role of the perpetrator of violence. Thus, the domestic perpetrator of violence corresponds to "normal men" even in real life.

With his documented re-enactment of therapy sessions, director Calle Overweg traces the social and psychological backgrounds of male assaults in a fascinating way.

"When domestic violence is related to men, the men have to change." Joachim Lempert and Burkhard Oelemann, professional consultants, have dealt with this taboo subject from a male point of view, clear away prejudices, analyse the backgrounds of male violence and show ways out of the cycle of violence.
Europäische Täterhotline

The film DAS PROBLEM IST MEINE FRAU (THE PROBLEM IS MY WIFE), which was awarded the title of "Best Documentary Film of the Year", traces the social and psychological backgrounds of male violence in a fascinating way with its documentary staging of therapy sessions.

Award: Best German Documentary 3SatPreis 2003

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