Tan Lines

And so begins the story of Midget Hollows - teenager, surfer, partier, pervert… Midget and his friends live the quintessential surf lifestyle: by consuming as much weed and booze as they can find. Beneath the surface of this idealistic lifestyle, Midget starts to feel the claustrophobia of small town life.

Cass, the older brother of Midget’s best friend, arrives back in town. Midget is instantly attracted to his confidence, his openness about his homosexuality, and his graceful surfing skills. Midget and Cass embark on a passionate affair, but it isn’t long before the relationship feels the strains of secrecy. Midget finds that his sexuality and the culture he inhabits might not be compatible. When some of Cass’ secrets start to come out Midget starts to wonder if Cass’ confidence isn’t disguising a desperation to be accepted.

A surfer coming-out coming-of-age story with a punk’s view of teenaged sexuality, Tan Lines will be a wild ride full of passion, love, laughs, sex, and drugs against a backdrop of the Pacific ocean.

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