Dad Made Dirty Movies

Until recently some people thought He was dead. Other doubted that He'd ever existed. Some even suggested the extravagant theory that He and infamous Ed Wood (called „the worst filmmaker of all time”) were one and the same person.“Dad Made Dirty Movies” chronicles the life and films of Stephen C. Apostolof (aka A. C. Stephen) – a former political prisoner, devoted Christian and family man and one of the greatest erotic filmmakers in the U.S. The film traces A. C. Stephen's escape from Communist dictatorship in Bulgaria and his journey to Hollywood where he made his American dream come true. Over the course of a film career that lasted two turbulent decades A. C. Stephen made seventeen low-brow, low budget softcore films. Today A. C. Stephen's legacy lives on, ridiculed or revered by both critics and fans alike. A. C. Stephen has taken a permanent place in the B-movie culture and is widely recognized as one of the greatest American erotic filmmakers.“Dad Made Dirty Movies” takes the audience inside A. C. Stephen's amazing life story combining revealing interviews from his family and collaborators with archival footage and animated photographs. A film about the cult sex exploitation movies of the 60's and 70's and the lost innocence of the erotic cinema.

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