Whatever Gets You Through The Night

This film forms part of the Whatever Gets You Through the Night project created by award-winning director Cora Bisset, acclaimed playwright David Greig and musicians Swimmer One. Filmed in locations throughout Scotland, including the Highlands, the Orkney Islands and the studios and nightclubs of Edinburgh and Glasgow, the film features music and performances by Emma Pollock, Swimmer One, Withered Hand, Cora Bissett, Wounded Knee, Bigg Taj, Eugene Kelly, Rachel Sermanni, Errors and Talking makes no sense. The project also resulted a 16-track album, a live show performed at The Arches, Glasgow and Queen's Hall, Edinburgh and a limited edition 32-page book featuring lyrics and writing by the musicians and writers involved. All of the above were created from the same raw material - new work by over two dozen of Scotland's most distinctive writers and musicians, all of whom were invited to create something inspired by the hours between midnight and 4am.

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